Geneva verdict and Karunanidhi's cravings
Daily Mirror Editorial
Mar 24, 2011

For a country like the United States, passing a resolution in the UNHRC against Sri Lanka or any other country is no big deal given its economic and political hold on the rest of the world. Whatever the interpretations given by the government, the fifteen meber states who opposed to the resolution and the eight countries that refrained from voting have not only left little space for Sri Lanka to breathe but also have stood up to America’s pressure instead of surrendering to it.

As the only country in the modern era that could annihilate terrorism from her soil, the island nation has earned many friends as well as enemies, whose egos had been hurt by the feat they could not achieve even with their advanced armouries and massive military strengths. Hence, the criticism that was directed at Sri Lanka can be called partial, prejudiced and unethical. However, at the wake of the US sponsored resolution, Sri Lanka needs to be mindful about the fact that cursing the Yankees or badmouthing India is not going to rescue Sri Lanka from the present predicament.

It may be true that India’s move is a bitter pill to swallow. The statement as to why India voted in support of the resolution has little validated its move. The real motive behind Delhi’s otherwise cussed action came to light with Tamil Nadu former Chief Minister’s revelation that his ultimate dream had been realizing the Tamil Eelam. So, it was his gratitude Manmohan Singh was aiming to win, when India decided to sit with the Yankees at Geneva.

Hence, whatever mentioned in the statement, the diplomatic bluffing by Delhi had been pathetically bombarded by Karunanidhi’s proclaimed craving. So, India in the guise of protecting the rights of Sri Lankan minorities and speeding up the reconciliation process has supported the very separatism that ended the life of its former head of state, Rajiv Gandhi.

Whether the Central Government were threatened at gunpoint or lured with favours, it cannot be possible that Manmohan Singh and his government was not aware of Karunanidhi’s black and deep desires. Thus, India had not only promoted a separatist cause but also gone against the diplomatic fundamentals that ensure goodwill between two countries. So, this is the same member state that wanted Sri Lanka to be probed for war crime charges in a war against the very terrorism whose revival is anticipated by an internal political ideology that has become a vital part of its central government. The betrayal is hard to gulp down coming from the so-called protective big bother and the next-door neighbour.

If Karunanidhi is attempting to realize his dreams, it would be India’s responsibility to see that he doesn’t do it at the expense of Sri Lanka. After all, this is not a playroom where anyone can place his tin soldiers and plastic flags. If India respects the sovereignty of a country as it says, it should very well live up to the statement.

While accusing India for its cowardice, America for its duplicities and other EU countries for their unjustifiable partialities, we should also be ashamed of the lethargy and lack of concern our government exhibited in its reconciliation efforts. Prompt action in such quarters would not have given Karunanidhi the courage to speak out his cravings in public.

Even in the battles fought after the war, the war victory could have still been a victory and Sri Lanka could have still been victorious!

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka