The true spirit of reconciliation
Daily Mirror Editorial
Mar 20, 2011

Much has been spoken about the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC). Yet, it seems that not many people have understood its need and most have misunderstood its mandate. Thankfully the war has ended, but there is another aspect that most has forgotten to address. If its not addressed, then there could be dangerous repercussions that follow.

Looking back at what happened after the end of world wars to the end of the South Africans apartheid, the so called victors addressed the issue of forgiving and reconciling with the vanquished. This brought on a beautiful transition of having peace, not only in the land, but a genuine peace within. In our post war era, we see a major crisis in the psyche of our people. There are violent crimes and brutal killings almost daily, major road accidents where lives are lost, economic woes, which oppress more and more of our people probably leading to starvation and despair. We were once renowned to be hospitable people but now appear to have become selfseeking, greedy and lacking in love.

Its believed that when we kill someone, that person may cease to exist in the physical realm, but continues to live in the spirit world and cries out for vindication. Murder unleashes torment. The one, who kills, forgoes the wellbeing of his mind and bodily needs. The only way to overcome it is by seeking forgiveness from that person, in your heart. Reconciliation with those who are alive of whatever race or people we have grieved could be another way to bring normalcy and healing.

Lets not forget that even being angry and vindictive are serious and the consequences have to be borne. If someone has something against us, we need to go and make peace and reconcile with that person. We may feel that we may really have not done something serious, but as long as someone feels hurt by something we have said or done, then its imperative we seek reconciliation, to restore inner tranquility for peaceful existence.

Reconciliation from a position of power or to boost the ego, by saying, I was right and you are wrong, yet I will compromise and give into your needs to maintain peace, is wrong. True reconciliation comes from ones own woundedness. To say, You have hurt me because I was wrong all this time. I made you do what you did, I accept my fault. This form of reconciliation is powerful and deep. To discover this power of forgiveness, one needs to go into the depths of the psyche. Only those who dare to venture there or have the courage to do so discover it, but those who are moved by their ego and a sense of pseudo patriotism, would continue to perpetuate curses that could endanger us all.

Forgiving, liberates not only the other, but also us. It removes anger and bitterness; heals wounded hurts and memories. The hurts we cause, may be many, yet in repenting a new energy of peace flows in and we see enemies or strangers becoming friends.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka