SLMC and TMVP against Amendment
Feb 8, 2011

Two government allies, the TMVP and the SLMC, are expected to oppose the Town and Country Planning Ordinance Amendment Bill when it is presented to the Eastern Provincial Council on February 13.

An SLMC member of the Eastern Provincial Council told Daily Mirror that the party would oppose it as the people’s rights would be violated by this piece of legislation. The Amendment gives the central government the power to take over lands within municipal and urban areas for economic, social, historical, environmental or religious reasons.

He said this was his personal opinion while the party had not announced its official stance on the Bill. Sources also said the TMVP, whose leader is Chief Minister Sivanesathuri Chandrakanthan, is also opposed to the Bill.

According to the Constitution, the Bill cannot be presented to Parliament if even one of the provincial councils fails to approve the Amendment, the Opposition said.

Meanwhile, the UNP charged that the government had begun to woo the Eastern Provincial Council Members by offering them various perks, including duty free vehicles. A UNP Eastern Provincial Council member said that the government had already offered duty free vehicles to both Opposition and ruling party MPs to get their support for the Amendment.

The Western Provincial Council has already approved the Amendment while the Central Provincial Council has decided to adopt a wait and see policy.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka