Towards a meaningful freedom...
By Vijitha Herath
Feb 3, 2011

The 64th Independence Day is near at hand. The government is preparing to celebrate ‘independence’ on a grand scale. In addition to spending a colossal amount of money for celebrations, a “carnival”, ‘Dayata Kirula’ is also being organized annually. The ‘independence’ that is said to have been won is becoming meaningless and often being used for propaganda and celebrations. This is only a means of temporarily mesmerizing the masses who would otherwise be disillusioned, due to the meaningless claim of independence. Despite no visible bondage, hundreds of thousands of people are being denied their freedom. This is not restricted to the North and the East. It is an issue that affects the whole country.

Freedom is far away from people who are distressed due to thousands of issues including the lack of a substantial salary, unable to get a fair price for their products, unable to feed their offspring properly, lack of facilities for education and inability to get a job without going behind politicians.india that contributed much to mess up the national question is attempting to play the role of a liberator for the Tamil masses. Indian Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna who arrived here of a four-day visit on the 16th to present India’s view point on this matter. At a media conference on the 17th he said the President of Sri Lanka agreed for a devolution package that goes beyond the 13th amendment. The silence of the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka who was present confirmed what the Indian minister said was true. This brings out several issues beside the main issue. Firstly, who gave him permission to hold media conferences regarding internal affairs of Sri Lanka? It is also necessary to find out whether he has been appointed a media spokesman of the government, to reveal what transpired at the discussion with the President? This makes one thing clear, India just as it dropped dhal in 1987 and intervened in affairs of Sri Lanka to get a pact signed, is attempting to again threaten the government so that they could manipulate the national question in a manner that suits their interests. Such experiments that do not genuinely address suffering of the Tamil masses or attempt to find solutions for their burning issues have distressed the Sri Lankan Nation. For example provincial councils that were forced on us have not been a solution for the national question but have brought about new adverse issues. To add to this melee Minister Keheliya Rambukwella has jabbered about a senate. Even he is not aware of the composition of this ‘senate.’ Anyone with a sound mind would know that things are being manipulated not towards finding a solution but to make it more complex.

All this happens while the government is dancing to the tune played by India. The government’s expectation is to answer the issues that could crop up at the Human Rights Council to be held in Geneva in March this year with proposals that would be backed by India. This could be the reason the government is falling on its knees before India while deceiving the country with its false patriotism. On the other hand the Rajapaksa government, while making one promise to India, does an entirely different thing in Sri Lanka for its survival and at the same time makes various moves to gratify the West. The conduct of the government is so complex. The President and the government said during the 2010 presidential election that they had a solution to the national question and when they came to power a second time said they were prepared to implement it. However, the government is silent about its solution for the national question. The government seems to be marking time responding to pressure applied from various quarters. However, it is evident that the time the government could hop from point to point is getting shorter and shorter. Also, the government should answer the question without delay. Instead of solutions that fulfil requirements of imperialist countries, a solution that would develop goodwill and lighthearted rapport between Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslims and other masses that live in this country and strengthens National unity is necessary. However, the situation does not move towards this end. It is not a mere impotency of the government but a predicament of the backward capitalist socio-economic system that the government represents. Whether the proposal is 13 plus or 13 super plus, it would not solve the genuine issues of the Tamil masses or give them their rights. It is indisputable that all, the South and the North, will have to, sooner or later and without any difference, go for a transformation of the socio-economic system that would bring them genuine solutions for their issues.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka