"Lankans originated in Africa"
Jan 25, 2011

More archaeological research would be conducted this year to verify the origin of the Sri Lankans, who are now believed to have arrived from Africa, said the for mer commissioner general of archaeology Prof. Shiran Deraniyagala. Speaking yesterday during the launch of the book ‘Ira Handa Negi Rata,’ by the late Sinhala scholar Arisen Ahubudu, which is about the history of Sri Lanka, he said that Sri Lankans had originated from a group of Africans who had migrated to Asia some 13 million years ago. He said the one group had migrated to Europe while another had come to South Asia and eventually to Sri Lanka which had been attached to India at that time. He said Beli Lena in Kitulgala and the Fa Hien Cave were physical evidence of these and that the history of this country went back fur ther than that recorded in the Mahawansa.

Prof. Deraniyagala said Anuradhapura had been in existence long before the days of Prince Anuradha who is said to have founded the ancient city. Recalling the research done during his days at the Depar tment of Archaeology, the former commissioner general said evidence of an ancient city had been found during the excavations done at that time. He said that Anuradhapura must have been a trade hub even before the arrival of Vijaya.

He said future research would uncover more interesting points and would take the world by surprise.

The hypothesis that the Sinhalese race did not originate from the Aryans would be proved before long said Power and Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka speaking during the launch of ‘Ira Handa Negi Rata.’ He said the theories posited by great scholars like Mr. Ahubudu would be proved soon.

He explained that several excavations that had been made in locations such as Wilpattu some years ago had uncovered physical evidence that the history of the country went back to before the time of Prince Vijaya and Kuveni.

However, he said, the story of Vijaya may have been true as the location where Vijaya is said to have landed in Wilpattu is close to Anuradhapura. “Vijaya could have observed Anuradhapura from a hill in Wilpattu,’ he said.

He said that flying machines had existed in Sri Lanka even before the Wright brothers flew their machine which was said to be the world’s first airplane. He said the plane which the Wright brothers built was not technologically advanced.

Referring to the flying machine “Dandu Monara” that is referred to in the Ramayana he said that it was possible that a magnetic vor tex was used to operate this machine. “If the Wright brothers used a simple device as a flying machine couldn’t it have been possible for the ancient Sri Lankans to have used magnetic vor tices for their flying machines?” he asked.

Provincial Agriculture Minister Udaya Gammanpila said ‘Ira Handa Negi Rata’ was written to fill a great void. He said there was no Sri Lankan version of the Ramayana though the story is par t of the history of this country and Ahubudu had filled the void by writing this book.

He said he had once asked Mr. Ahubudu why there was no Sri Lankan version of the Ramayana and Ahubudu had assured him that a book would be written.

However the author had not been able to launch it during his life time. Mr. Gammanpila said the effor ts of the late scholar had finally come to fruition.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka