The need for truth and right living
Daily Mirror Editorial
Jan 24, 2011

We have rulers and leaders that they might look after society and nations. Sadly however, most of them fall short of humanity's expectations. By a curious twist of fate we see, that most of those who are elected or appointed begin to serve not those they are expected to look after, but themselves. In a way the rulers of the world serve themselves to satisfy their ego-centric dreams. We are sought more often than not, to earn through hard work, so that we may contribute to state coffers; be it earning foreign exchange or reaping of local resources. Only then, would not only the rulers, but the powerful continue to enjoy their high flying life and scandalous lifestyles.

The assets acquisition law that was passed last year was another indirect move to possess what others had worked so hard at and suddenly find they have to give it up. Needless to say, this move attracted high levels of criticism from many fronts, including rating agencies, such as Moody's. Many other properties are acquired. City dwellers are shifted to the outskirts of the city, at the terrible price of dislocating family structures and making them start a new life, building new homes among strangers, all over again.this land grabbing, in some instances, we are told, is to facilitate development in Colombo. They are linked to night life hot spots and for tourist attraction. Questions could be asked, whether tourists are seeking such or looking instead to soak into our culture and rich heritage. Would we in shifting our priorities, stand to lose our identity and give our children the distorted western values that they themselves are struggling to get rid of.

The time has come for us to enthrone servant leaders who will sincerely, sacrificially and selflessly work for the people. It will be done on the foundation of truth and right living. Have we not been taught of the noble truths and righteousness that guarantee security and fulfillment? Only a leadership that practises truth and right living guarantees the ability to weather the storms of recession, inflation, confusion and chaos, be it in the family, business or life in general.

True leadership is born when truth and righteousness are lived. Then we will put aside grandiose plans and reach out to the weakest and the poorest. True development is when the cry of the poor is heeded, only then could people be secure enough to progress towards lasting peace and justice in a just and fair society.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka