Manioc cure for terminal Cancer
Daily Mirror Editorial
Jan 21, 2011

Yesterday we spotlighted the need for the government and the Sri Lanka Medical Council to consider the use of a homoeopathic remedy for dengue at a time when this dreaded mosquito-borne epidemic has reached endemic proportions and western medicine seems to have no effective answer.

We quoted an international homoeopathic consultant as saying there was an effective remedy which had cured hundreds of dengue patients in Sri Lanka and asked why western medical practitioners were reluctant to try this remedy. As effective if not more effective than homoeopathy is our own ayuruveda or herbal treatment, which is known to have permanent cures for many serious diseases.

Last year senior ENT conslutant Dr. Cynthia Jayasuriya wrote to several newspapers of how she was cured of cancer after eating manioc and explained how the cure worked. There was an amazing response not only from Sri Lanka but from various countries, to which the report had been transmitted by people who wanted to convey the good news to others. Among the responses received, the most significant conveys information that the manioc cure has already been used by an Oncologist Dr. Manuel Navarro of the Phillipines some time ago. Dr Navarro is an internationally recognised cancer researcher with more than 100 major scientific papers to his credit, some read before the International Cancer Congress. Dr Navarro has treated terminally ill cancer patients with laetrile the botanical name for manioc -for more than 25 years. He stated in the Cancer News Journal: "It is my carefully considered clinical judgement, as a practising oncologist and researcher in this field, that I have obtained most significant and encouraging results with the use of laetrile-amygdalin in the treatment of terminal cancer patients.

I have specialised in oncology [the study of tumors] for the past eighteen years. For the same number of years I have been using Laetrile-amygdalin in the treatment of my cancer patients. During this eighteen-year period I have treated a total of more than 500 patients with Laetrile-amygdalin by various routes of administration, including the oral and the I.V. The majority of my patients receiving Laetrile-amygdalin have been in a terminal state when treatment with this material began. It is my carefully considered clinical judgment, as a practising oncologist and researcher in this field, that I have obtained most significant and encouraging results with the use of Laetrile-amygdalin in the treatment of terminal cancer patients, and that these results are comparable or superior to the results I have obtained with the use of the more toxic standard cytotoxic agents, he says.

For the past few decades and especially after Sri Lanka swallowed the globalised market economy wholesale, most people especially in the city and urban areas have been conditioned to think that western medicine is the only safe and effective way. But we need to realise for thousands of years most of our people lived healthy lives because they depended on Ayuruveda or herbal cures for most ailments. The government needs to work out a national health policy whereby all forms of medicine ayuruveda, allopathy, homoeopathy, acupuncture and others are clearly outlined to the people and we could use different forms of medicine for different ailments, including the latest discovery of manioc as an effective cure for terminal cancer.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka