Diversions and dramas behind curtains
Daily Mirror Editorial
Jan 17, 2011

The fundamentals of democracy do not dictate thuggery as a means to attain public preference nor does it approve inconveniencing the citizenry for the luxury of a privileged few. However, with the recent incidents that had been flooding the newsrooms, it appears that public welfare is the last thing in the minds of those who are elected for the purpose of providing it.

What is more infuriating however, is the lack of concern exhibited by the powers that be at the massive public outcries rising against the burning grievances which victimize people on a daily basis. While the country is recovering from the A/L results mishap and the university students taking to the roads, vehemently opposing to the establishment of the private universities, it was necessary for the government to find a phenomenon to divert the public attention which seems to be heavily upon the educational authorities whose credibility was constantly questioned.

Even though the initial hype had died down once the committee appointed to probe into the mishap released its report, it is highly doubtful that justice will prevail for the students who fell prey to the unpardonable incompetence of the educational authorities. This also gives a little assurance that action will be taken to avoid the recurrence of such damages, which no amount of remedial measures can undo.

It is in this scenario the drama in Kelaniya erupts; a shameless dramatic diversion, that has already made people forget the agonies of the A/L students who will forever walk with the invisible question marks in their result sheets.

It is commendable, the outcry building within the government against the impunities said to have been committed by a certain minister; yet one would question as to why it has to surface at a time when the government and the educational authorities are failing in the eyes of the public who demand nothing but justice for those who deserve it. The truth is the drama would have never been staged at a better time than now.

Given the history, it would seem that the minister in question has been called to play his part yet again as it had been in a number of past occasions. The people have been witnessing the same pantomime, in which the same script of political incongruities is being staged by different actors; however in this case, by the same actor with the experience of many dramatic appearances.

The theatrical theory that is beyond the comprehension of the public is that those who act as arch rivals on stage shake hands behind the curtains. However, people are conveniently kept in the dark about what prevails backstage.

It won’t be surprising if nothing comes out of the Kelaniya drama and the subsequent action taken by the government and the police, supposedly to curb the arbitrary actions of the said minister. People had been fooled over and again. However, certain amount of blame should also be directed at the public for their deliberate or otherwise willingness to be fooled by the socalled people’s representatives. Sovereignty in the hands of the public does pardon them to be blown away by the tide of political impunity. Instead, they should make their voices heard; for theirs is the power to change inefficient systems.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka