University crisis may spread to schools: JVP dissidents
Jan 12, 2011

The JVP dissidents’ Movement for People’s Struggle said yesterday the crisis in the universities would spread to the schools as well if the government continued its blame game without making an effort to resolve the crisis in the education sector

The group’s coordinator Duminda Nagamuwa told a news conference a vast struggle was inevitable if the issues were not effectively addressed.

He said the crisis would spread to the schools because some schools had not received their quota of text books and uniforms for this year. “Slashing of funds for schools will also make a bad situation worse,” Mr. Nagamuwa said.

He said the government was caught up in a big muddle and now blaming the JVP dissidents for the crisis in the universities so as to divert attention from the real issues.

“This is the very reason why the government is pasting the LTTE label on the JVP dissidents,” Mr. Nagamuwa said and charged that the government was trying to show the people that the Movement for Peoples’ Struggle was their latest enemy.

He recalled that earlier the government had blamed the Janatha Vimumukth Peramuna (JVP) -led Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) for the crisis in universities. Mr. Nagamuwa said the ‘Ratna Lanka’ security firm was behind the bomb attack on the monument at the Sri Jayawardanepura University though the government tried to pin the responsibility for the blast on the student unions.

Mr. Nagamuwa accused the government of worsening the crisis in the universities by expelling 551 students in 2010 and 2011 and expelling 151 students this year.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka