To make the world a better place
Daily Mirror Editorial
Dec 30, 2011

The year ending tomorrow has seen many a struggle of humanity, to make this world a better place to live in. Indeed, it seems embedded in the human psyche to want liberation and freedom, from oppression and bondage. A battle for freedom from corrupt dictatorial rule was seen in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, other Middle Eastern countries and even Russia and Wall Street. However, in some of these countries it seems to be futile and a meaningless exercise, amid water cannons unprecedented violence from the government side and a stubborn refusal to respond to the cry of the helpless people. It would go without saying that this cry for perfection echoes even within every family and establishments of society.

Most may not be aware that they are not alone in their struggles. There is a Higher Intelligence operating within each one and society in general. This has nothing to do with a concept or some abstract thought. It has everything to do with a Higher Power. This spiritual power has gone deep into our selfish nature. Itís aware of our inability to live meaningful lives and so decides to put right everything in us and in the world. Only our cooperation is called for, to want things put right. One need not hide anything, for everything despicable is known about us.

Up to now we may have been misguided, into believing that yearning to attain that perfection our psyche cries for is our lone battle, when in actual fact itís placed there, by that Higher Intelligence operating within. It requires us to tap into that source, so that the power of Higher Authority may flow into its own, to make things better around us and in us. Why we are not able to draw that power up to now, is because of our ignorance of this truth. Being aware of it in our mind encourages results.

We could invite that Higher Intelligence, operating within us, into the deepest depths of our loneliness, suspense, uselessness and selfishness. That inner power would lift us out of our predicaments or deal with every life threatening situation. We in turn for the New Year could unite ourselves into reaching out to the lonely, fearful and the useless in society. Those who oppress and burden society, we take the responsibility to seek the intervention of the Higher Intelligence, for vindication and justice; so that through that power bequeathed to us, we could make a mighty big difference.

As we step out into the world of the unknown, we know in the depths of our heart however, that everything is under control amidst the uncertainties and chaos that may prevail. So in joy and gladness, may our heart remain. May we ponder the fact that we are not alone, but walk, guided by a Higher Power that yearns to charter Destiny through our cooperation. Letís walk into that new dawn, as the night rolls away, with thanksgiving, whatever the circumstances into 2012. For as the Mayans had predicted, the end makes way for the new beginning and our failures open the pathway to success.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka