The spirit of sacrificial service
Daily Mirror Editorial
Dec 23, 2011

Kings, national leaders and nations have sought to build dynasties. Their goals are to perpetuate a succession of rulers, who are either family members or those affiliated to a particular group or party in power. History has however shown that such dynasties do not last long.

Powerful nations, conglomerates and influential families have fallen along the way. When one aspires to build an empire for personal gain, glory or plunder of another's resources, it is doomed to collapse. Anything that we build, based on selfishness, greed and pride couched in the double talk of pseudo patriotism, destroys itself from within. It could even be our family, businesses or government; none will be exempt from this law of action and reaction.

There is also another reign of selflessness and other centredness, sacrificial love and feet-washing service to others. These are the virtues of true spirituality. It is to do with going beyond worship and religious observances. If we choose to cooperate in doing things according to higher purposes and not our own, however good it may seem to us, then we shall be secure and receive lasting fulfillment.

If there is suffering and evil in the world, spirituality is not to be blamed. It is our own self-centred action. Every person who desires to live beyond selfishness or self-centredness and honestly work for the common good of all will have lasting peace and happiness.

We could even say that this spirit of selfless service and sacrificial love is already in practice but not spotlighted because those involved in it do not seek publicity because they do not want their left hand to know what their right hand is doing. The unjust, crooked and self seeking leaders are the ones who are probably, without realizing it, waging war against the higher reign of selfless sacrificial values. They would be cast down from their thrones while the lowly, the humble and honest will be raised. We saw this in Egypt and Libya and are now seeing it in other countries. Even in the democratic nations that speak of the preservation of human rights, but do not practice them find their leaders dethroned.

The dawn of this new reign is upon us. Instead of getting, we would be giving; instead of hoarding, we would be releasing; instead of hating, we would be loving and forgiving; instead of every person for himself or herself, we would show regard to others. If we want real wealth and success; get rid of it. Give it back to the people we grabbed it from. What is not given is lost.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka