Officers doing stock verification on Sevanagala Sugar bribed-gamage
Dec 12, 2011

Government officers who were carrying out a stock verification of the Sevanagala Sugar Industries had allegedly been subjected to undue influence by a SLFP affiliated trade union leader in the area, sources close to the company Chairman Daya Gamage alleged yesterday.

These sources said that this member had allegedly invited these officers to his residence and had entertained them with liquor. It was alleged that this had been done in order to make them issue a biased stock verification record. According to sources the stock verification had been ordered by the Monaregala Government Agent.

Sevenagala Sugar was among the 37 privately owned enterprises that were to be taken over by the government under the recently passed Under Utilized and Under Performing Assets Takeover Bill.

It was reported that Mr. Gamage, who protested against the takeover, was in the process of referring his case to the international courts.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka