New year to begin with elections bill
Dec 10, 2011

The Local Government Election Amendment Bill which seeks to establish a new electoral system for local government bodies could be the first bill to be approved in Parliament in the New Year, Chief Government Whip Dinesh Gunawardene said yesterday. The bill has already been debated and is in the committee stage.

Speaking during the debate on the committee stage of the budget in the House Mr. Gunawardene said enacting it could be the first business of the House in 2012

“We must see the last of the proportional representation system as soon as possible as it makes the candidates of an election kill each other,” he pointed out.

Mr. Gunawardne also stressed that the electoral system should be changed altogether so that other elections including the Parliamentary elections and Provincial Council elections could be held under a new system.

He therefore called for the support of the opposition for these amendments.

UNP Anuradhapura District MP P. Harrison who responded to this request during his speech said his party is ready to support the government to bring about these electoral reforms.

In the meantime Mr. Harrison referred to some anomalies in the public servant’s salaries which had not been resolved for years. He said a Grade 1 Grama Niladari who should in fact get Rs 18,887 according to salary adjustments introduced in 2006 is getting only Rs 11, 160. He said there are serious anomalies with the salaries of government clerks.

He also charged that recommendations made by several commissions including the B. C. Perera Commission and the Devendra Commission with regard to salaries of public servants have not been implemented yet. “These should not be swept under the carpet,” he said.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka