Watch and be alert
Daily Mirror Editorial
Nov 26, 2011

Humanity in its evolution towards ascendancy is called to be ever watchful over itself. To not do so, would entail our inability to develop ourselves and naturally become the losers. In the natural world there are laws that govern it. Likewise we have to start with the premise that there is within each one of us something more than the natural; this we could call the spiritual side of people. It follows then that there has to be certain laws that govern its function. We could call this spiritual dynamics that one is called to corporate with, to reach not only higher levels, but to bring harmony into the environment.

We are called then to be ever watchful over our attitudes and motives. A constant monitoring of our behaviour has to be maintained. What prompts me to behave the way I do? We need to tell ourselves, in wanting to reach higher levels in our evolution, we shall not resort to human reactions, but rise to give responses beyond our self-centredness. Thus we would be made secure, since we operate within the spiritual dynamics that are there for our good and the common good of all.

Are we then doing things correctly in whatever state of life we find ourselves? One could be just a labourer or business magnate; an ordinary person or a celebrity; a responsible person or one without; citizen Perera or one occupying seats of governance. We all have to do things correctly. We do things wrongly when falling into the temptation of doing things that our incomplete nature tends to prompt us to. We then live selfishly and become insensitive to the needs of others.

We have to then be ever on our guard over self and attitudes we hold. We need to do this because of the fact that spiritual forces are in action. Any violation of its laws entails the pulling down of those holding high positions, having lofty or boastful attitudes. There is security and room only for those holding servant attitudes or states of humility. Have we not seen mighty empires being pulled down in the history of human civilization?

In our country too, we may be privy to the collapse of any powerful regime if it fails to be watchful over itself. Parliament, as the supreme legislature in our land, cannot be carried away by the euphoria of having won a war, and indulge in virtual fiscal violence against those who oppose the ruling coalition with its patched up two-thirds majority.

This primordial behaviour is now trickling down to other strata of society -the extravagant behaviour of building super expressways for the rich having cars like the Aston Martins and planning flood-lit motor races in the city centre but unconcerned about the daily grind of citizen Perera going at snails space every day back home from work. The dehumanizing public transport system that says, ‘Who cares; take it or leave it.’ The billions borrowed and spent for failing or irrelevant projects, but reluctant to give a living wage for the true heroes who die every day, trying to make ends meet and survive. These are what we have to be watchful over.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka