Budget taking from the people to fund wastage of govt.: NTUC
Nov 22, 2011
The budget, which was presented yesterday, will not increase the income levels of the people, President of the National Trade Union Centre and former JVP MP Lal Kantha said yesterday. "This budget will extract the wealth of the people to finance the wastage of the government and its mounting debt. The budget will not satisfy the working class of this country," Mr. Lal Kantha said. The government’s expenditure has increased two fold and in comparison to that the tax burden is passed on to the public, Mr. Lal Kantha charged.

The allocation of funds for the health sector has also been reduced and less than 6 per cent of the budget has been allocated for the education sector as well, he said. Fuel prices were increased by a record amount and the bus fares will also increase in the coming days, he said. "It won't be long before the gas prices too are increased," Mr Lal Kantha warned. The public should rally against the budget and voice their disagreement over its contents, he added.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka