Peradeniya undergrads halt traffic in Kandy
Nov 18, 2011
Students of the Peradeniya University staged a protest in Kandy town blocking roads, calling for the release of four undergraduates arrested for alleged ragging.

Kandy Police were taken unawares when protesting undergraduates sat at the centre of Kandy Town barring traffic for about an hour and a half.

Traffic was totally blocked on Wednesday afternoon from around 3.30 pm till 5 pm. The students the protest urging the release of four undergraduates who were arrested and produced before the Kandy Magistrate and remanded under the AntiRagging Act. Two among them were student monks. The Police cordoned off the entire town and directed the traffic in alternate directions to ease the congestion. Meanwhile the undergraduates sat at the centre of the town, near the clock tower.

The undergraduates voicing their demand said it was undemocratic to have taken their colleagues into custody and urged them to be released. They also stated that more protests would follow if those remanded were not released.

A bail application is believed to be filed in the Kandy High Court this week, for the release of the remanded undergraduates.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka