Denmark: worrying situation in Sri Lanka
Jan 29, 2010

We regret to note that the campaign was marred by violence and irregularities. In addition to the crucial political reconciliation process, Sri Lanka is facing a huge challenge to solve the humanitarian crisis in the country after many years of civil war, says the Danish foreign minister.

He thinks it is essential that the election Tuesday set in motion a process towards building lasting peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

I would urge the president and all other political forces in Sri Lanka to address this important task, Moller said.

It was the incumbent president, Mahinda Rajapakse, who was victorious out of the first president elected in Sri Lanka after more than 25 years long civil war.

Hovedudfordreren, former army chief Sarath Fonseka, was seen as the man who eventually broke the Tamil rebels, who had the stated objective that would create a Tamil state in the north and east of Sri Lanka.

The military suppression of the rebel movement the Tamil Tigers has had "enormous humanitarian cost, and the humanitarian situation in Sri Lanka remains a serious concern," says the Danish foreign minister.

After the civil war ended Sri Lanka is facing a situation where no minimum account of the Tamil minority would be essential to achieve lasting stability and peace in the country, Points Per Stig Moller.