Fonseka, once elected, wants to handle,finance, health and education
By Nimal Palihawadan
Jan 23, 2010

"We have now 14 constituent parties with us and it only took just two hours for us to select a suitable presidential candidate free from party bonds. Sarath Fonseka is our candidate. We told him about the need to abolish the executive presidency for which he readily agreed. But he said he cannot be a mere vase of flowers and that he wanted to manage affairs relating to education and health of the people as the executive president for the time being," said JVP leader Somawansa Amarasinghe.

He was addressing a presidential election propaganda rally held at Polhena in Matara.

Amarasinghe said: "The JVP is today following a new system and ready to listen to any political party and discuss their plans too regarding crucial problems affecting the country.

"The main problem of the hour is the baneful executive presidency. We should all work hard to abolish it by electing our common candidate, General Sarath Fonseka as president on Tuesday to eradicate corruption, nepotism and favouritism".

"The war hero who defeated terrorism would also be able to tackle the other problems of the country in the same manner. We would categorically state that there is no need to go for elections and voting if military governments are to be formed by us," he added.

Matara District MP Jinadasa Kitulegoda, SPC member, Gayan Sanjeeva also spoke.

Courtesy: Island