Karuna rejects UNP hand in split
by Amreen Ameen
Jan 21, 2010

Minister of National Integration Vinayagamurthi Muralitharan, speaking to Daily Mirror online, asserted that UNP leader Ranil Wickremasingha was not behind the split of the LTTE in 2004 although the UNP supported him after his defection. Speaking to Daily Mirror online Minister Muralitharan said “it is was my decision to defect from LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabakaran but the government at that time which was the UNP made me some offers after I left the LTTE outfit”

UNP leader Ranil Wickremasingha, in an interview with a Tamil television station in Europe, had refuted the suggestion that he was behind the split of Karuna Amman from the LTTE, who at the time was the eastern commander of the rebels.

Minister Muralitharan said he was welcomed by the UNP and the JVP after the split saying he was a good man but now he is being considered as a traitor and a murderer so that the Tamils will get angry and not vote for President Mahinda Rajapakse.

He added that JVP MP Samantha Waidyaratne, K.D. Lal Kantha and UNP parliamentarian Dayasiri Jayasekara are criticizing him saying that the President did not make the right decision by making him a Minister.

He also rejected allegations made by the opposition that he was involved in the killing of 500 police constables in the East and a group of Monks in Aranthalava. He said that everyone knows it was done by Tiger intelligence chief Pottu Amman.

“I joined the LTTE because my relations and my people we being killed by the army but later I realised that this war is pointless and we cannot get a separate land. I told Prabakaran but he never took notice of what I said. I even fell in trouble asking Prabakaran not to do that. He never listened to intellectuals. Thus I split to get democracy for the people,” Minister Muralitharan told Daily Mirror online. (Daily Mirror online)

Courtesy: Daily Mirror