Opposition is a set of misguided missiles - Anura Yapa
Jan 18, 2010
Media and Information Minister and Cabinet Spokesman,Anura Priyadharshana Yapa today claimed that election violence was perpetrated by opposition sections while Gen Sarath Fonseka and other leaders of the opposition used the election platform to address the people with vengeance.

Addressing newsmen at the Government Department of Information, the minister lamented that such a derogatory behavior on election platforms were never witnessed in the past."The opposition candidate screamed unable to stand charges made against him", said the minister.

The minister pointed out that Gen.Fonseka put up posters with his military uniform and asked if the General was so disciplined why he allowed such posters to be printed when he was contesting the poll as a retired officer.

He added that the four opposition party leaders from the UNP,TNA (Sampanthan),SLMC and WPF(Mano Ganeshan) today wore masks to hoodwink the people. "In 2005 all these leaders backed Ranil.Now they have got together to go behind the General like misguided missiles", he cracked.

The minister charged that Rauff Hakeem earlier had a pact with the LTTE and betrayed his people."He is now misleading the General in the same way", he added.

Minister Yapa raised vital questions on the TNA(Sampanthan) agreement to ask whether the General was aware of the demand of Tamil as a separate ethnic group,traditional Tamil homeland,full citizenship and fundamental rights and citizenship for expatriate Tamils. The minister demanded a response from all opposition leaders on this issue as they were aware of Fonseka's latest agreement with Sampanthan.

Courtesy: GDI