'My aim country sans bribery, corruption'- President
Jan 12, 2010

Corruption cannot be eliminated according to the pickpocket’s formula just because a corrupt individual who had joined hands with corrupt force and cries hoarse about it. It is being done in a systematic and vigourous manner similar to the way the underworld and the Tiger terrorists were tackled, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the launch of the Mahinda Chinthana manifesto at the BMICH, Colombo yesterday.

The President said: “After January 27, I will devote all my time and energy towards achieving one objective. That is to build a strong and efficient country devoid of bribery and corruption. This will be a battle of the highest magnitude.” President Rajapaksa said it was common knowledge that except for eight months the balance period of his four year tenure was spent to face the challenge of the most powerful terrorist outfit in the world.

Courtesy: Daily News