Sampanthan faction and Sarath Fonseka in lop sided politics
Jan 7, 2010
The Sampanthan faction of the TNA has agreed on lop sided conditions of General Sarath Fonseka because they had a mentality similar to terrorism, said Ven.Athuraliye Rathana addressing the media conference in Mahaweli Center in Colombo today ( 07).

He said that was why General Fonseka had agreed to release LTTE cadres in custody because the Sampanthan faction was close to the LTTE.

The Ven .monk charged that General Fonseka and the UNP had undertaken the contract to resurrect the LTTE which was crush a few months ago.

He said the Government will not allow any person or a group to help revive terrorism in the country.

He said the Sampanthan faction had not recognized the unitary character of the country. "Over 60,000 JVPers' were killed for agitating to protect the unitary state and it was now surprising to the witness the JVP together with the UNP", the Thero said.

He called upon the people to joint patriotic forces to protect the country.

Courtesy: GDI