If Fonseka is a fraud why Govt. begged him to accept Ministry portfolios and even share Gotabaya’s post? –JVP
Jan 4, 2010
JVP M .P. Vijtha Herath challenged Minister Dr. Rajitha Seneviratne’s wild allegations of fraud hurled against Gen,. Sarath Fonseka. Herath told the Minister to come for a debate instead of barking in the air.

The JVP M.P. questioned as to how the Govt. offered Ministry portfolios , Ministry Secretary posts , the Chief of defense staff post and even invited him to share the post of Defense Secretary with Gotabaya Rajapakse while accusing him of fraudulent arms deals ?

It is unfortunate that the Govt.‘s desperate eagerness to sling mud at Gen. Fonseka is outrunning its own sureness, Herath regretted .

Courtesy: UNP