JVP has forgotten past - SB
Jan 3, 2010
The JVP had forgotten how the UNP captured their founder leader Rohana Wijeweera and cremated him alive, said ex-UNP National Organiser and former Minister S. B. Dissanayake.

He said the JVP had also forgotten the UNP torture chambers where young JVP members were hanged and tortured.

“Sarath Fonseka’s Presidential campaign is conducted by the JVP members who prepare the propaganda posters and other logistics. Today, the JVP would accept anything to face future elections as they cannot contest Parliamentary Elections alone and win more than three seats from the whole country,” he said.

He said the JVP vote base had declined to around 240,000.

Referring to the UNP, Dissanayaka said the UNP rank and file, disillusioned with the party leader Ranil Wickremesinghe’s decisions, were moving away from the party.

They support President Mahinda Rajapaksa who eliminated terrorism and commenced major development projects, he said.

Referring to Fonseka’s controversial statement on surrendering LTTE leaders, Dissanayaka said it had damaged the country as well as the Armed Forces.

He said that “who said what” was irrelevant as the statement has spread around the globe now.

The country wants the truth and is awaiting a direct response from Sarath Fonseka and the relevant newspaper as the issue is very sensitive, Dissanayake said.

Courtesy: Observer