“Now Sarath Fonseka ‘Loku Lamayek’ - Wimal Weerawansa
Jan 3, 2010
National Freedom Front Parliamentarian, Wimal Weerawansa today (03) made a stunning disclosure that General Sarath Fonseka in his retirement has attained age and was now in puberty. “Sarath Fonseka, now you are a ‘Loku Lamaya’ ”, cracked Weerawansa in a lighter vain.

Journalists gathered at the Mahaweli Center in Colombo this morning burst in to laughter when Weerawansa made this comment of Sarath Fonseka becoming a "Big Child" in retirement at 59.

Describing Sarath Fonseka’s conduct before attaining age, Weerawansa explained that Sarath Fonseka, before becoming a ‘Loku Lamaya’ was a mischievous character who once cut the barber’s ear as the barber accidentally slightly cut the face of Fonseka while shaving when Fonseka was the Army Commander.

Wimal Weerawansa then told ‘Loku Lamaya’ Sarath Fonseka that he (Fonseka) was now a ‘Big Boy’ in retirement and, Fonseka cannot try those gimmicks in politics as the UPFA politicians were not afraid of him.

Adding more humour to the ‘Loku Lamaya version, Weerawansa advised Sarath Fonseka who would be the "Bride" in the debate that he (Fonseka) wanted with the charismatic Mahinda Rajapaksa, whom he wants to be his "Groom", cannot be a reality, as the affable Mahinda Rajapaksa is the Commander - in - Chief. So, the Commander - in - Chief will decide who would come forward for the debate as the "Bridegroom" from the UPFA to meet the newly attained ‘Loku Lamya’ Sarath Fonseka for the debate,Weerawansa asserted.

Weerawansa quite interested to put the new "bride" towards the ‘knot’, gave only one week's time for the ‘Loku Lamaya’ to get ready. Otherwise, Weerawansa said he will disclose everything pertaining to the debate of ‘Loku Lamaya’s, shady "Avi Ganu Denu" with an American company.

Courtesy: GDI