SB wants the truth about the Sarath Fonseka’s Interview
by By Sandun A. Jayasekera, Melanie Bamunusinghe and Nabeela Hussain
Jan 2, 2010
UNP dissident S.B Dissanayake addressing a news briefing at the Mahaweli Centre last afternoon, said that enough damage had been done to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka and the armed forces due to an interview given by Presidential Candidate Sarath Fonseka to The Sunday Leader.

He said that “who said what” was irrelevant as the statement is globally spread now.

“The entire country wants the truth and eagerly awaiting a direct response from General Fonseka and the newspaper as the issue is very sensitive.

“We do not know who is telling the truth. It is up to them to make it clear.”

“The problem of the government is that, an enormous damage has been caused to the government, to the country and to the armed forces, by General Fonseka’s interview to the newspaper”, he said.

Ranaviru Welfare Minister Johnston Fernando said that whether he is running for general elections under UNP or UPFA is irrelevant at this point, as he now supports the President to win the presidential elections.

When asked why he wasn’t released from his post in the UNP, he said the question should be asked from the party itself. Referring to similar scenarios in the past, he said that none had been expelled as there was no legal procedure to do so.

Environment Minister Indika Bandaranaike was also present at the news briefing.

Courtesy: Daily Mirror