'Sarath Fonseka on a journey of revenge'
Dec 29, 2009

JHU Provincial Council Minister, Udaya Gammanpila today (29) scoffed at the “Mata Pera Rata” poster of General Sarath Fonseka now on display on walls. He requested Fonseka to emerge from those walls and make a public confession that he has embarked on a vindictive campaign to defame the President and the Defence Secretary with a motive filled with revenge and vengeance.

Addressing journalists at the Mahaweli Center Colombo today Gammanpila claimed that the JVP was issuing foolish statements beyond any proof.

Gammnpila noted that the JVP had made a claim that Sarath Fonseka’s controversial article in the Sunday Leader was a manipulation of the Government and that the President had been able to take the United Nations on to his side.

He said even David Miliband and Hillary Clinton from powerful countries could not convince the UN. “If the President had been successful in that regard the JVP must be happy because that is an exclusive qualification for Sri Lanka”’ he added. While thanking the JVP for that magnanimous gesture, Gammanpila said the UN Rapportuer has done his duty responding to the Sunday Leader article on Fonseka, based on the contents.

Responding to another charge by JVP Gammanpila said that the UN Rapportuer didn’t respond on Channel 4 and school bombing issue, as he would have considered there was no evidence to investigate the incidens.

He pointed out that more Sarath Fonseka spoke, it only increase the vote bank of the President.

Courtesy: GDI