Over a billion rupees spent on President’s food orgies at temple Trees – Mangala
Dec 23, 2009
Mangala, addressing a media briefing, said, the Temple trees has bills running to the amount of over Rs. 10 million to be settled due to the catering services and food suppliers on account of the sumptuous feasts and lavish parties given by the President during the last several weeks after the announcement of Presidential elections. Professional Associations , Govt. servants , Police officers , media , etc . were regularly fed to over saturation point by the President . Despite several raging protests by the Opposition which alleged such food orgies after elections announcement as an illicit election campaign , the President defiantly continued with his grand parties until the Election Commissioner put a stop to it by repeated orders to the President’s Secretary Lalith Weeratunge in writing.

From where on earth the President amassed so much money to throw these parties ,? Is this not obscene ostentation when millions and millions of people are starving ? Shouldn’t the President set an example instead by practicing austerity , when he knows fully well it is his own Govt. which had driven the people to this miserable plight of starvation and sufferings ? Mangala asked.

Courtesy: UNP media