Gen. Fonseka is unappeasable: Gotabhaya
Dec 21, 2009
Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said opposition common candidate General Sarath Fonseka was never satisfied with what he got, and was entering politics because of his ‘hunger for power’.

“The government provided all perks to General Fonseka including land worth over Rs. 100 million for his own use, but General Fonseka was never satisfied with what he got,” Mr. Rajapaksa said.

Addressing a public rally in Yatinuwara, the Defence Secretary said if General Fonseka continued level false allegations against him, the government or President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the government would be compelled to reveal the truth to the people.“There are allegations that our family was going after money, but I would like to say that our family never went after money. We only earned the goodwill of the people,” he said.

Mr. Rajapaksa also said the government led by President Rajapaksa was able to win the war after defeating the LTTE and the next task was to develop the country’s economy, which was hit due to terrorism.

Courtesy: Daily Mirror