I won’t take donations from Prabhakaran’s parents - President
Dec 19, 2009
I won’t accept from Prabhakaran’s parents even millions or billions while I would gladly take a donation of even a cent from our toiling peasants, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa accepting a donation of Rs 300,000 from a peasant farmer at the inaugural UPFA campaign rally at Anuradhapura.

“We are ready to receive aid from any country to develop Sri Lanka. However, we are not ready to obey any condition imposed by them,” he added.

“Ranil Wickremesinghe implored the world leaders and donor agencies not to give aid to Sri Lanka. However much he tried to pull our legs he could not prevent the donors giving aid to us,” the President said.

Continuing further, President Rajapaksa said: “We won’t give false promises to get the vote. I want be party to such deception. What we have to say we say clearly. If we promise something we fulfill it. If we say we would give, then we will give. If we say we would not give, then we will not give.”

Courtesy: Daily News