Rs. 20 million is the monthly expense out of State funds for Dansalas at Temple Trees
Dec 14, 2009
The Dansalas given by the President at Temple Trees these days has come under heavy fire from the Opposition. The monthly expense on account of these sumptuous (Dansalas) meals is Rs. 20,000,000/- (Twenty million) per month. These expenses are disbursed out of State funds.

Govt. officials, Police Officers, Teachers, media personnel, Judicial officers and others are invited for these functions. The President who invites them for discussions provides meals to every one of them.

According to reports, to fill the stomach of each invitee, it costs Rs. 700/- per meal. A meal packet, water bottle, Short eats and Tea or cool drink are provided. In addition, wine or BEER are also in free supply.

The Colombo Ports Authority has opened a special Hall at temple Trees for these functions and political discussions out of its funds costing over Rs. One million.

Courtesy: LankaeNews