President Rajapaksa visits Chettikulam IDP Welfare Centres
By Janaka Alahapperuma
Dec 10, 2009
During his official visit to the northern region on 9th December, President Mahinda Rajapaksa visited the IDP welfare centres in Chettikulam.

President met internally displaced people those who were temporally accommodated in Chettikulam and inspected the welfare of the inmates. He also instructed the officials to provide all facilities they needed without fail. People thanked the President for visiting them and all the facilities were provided for until they are resettled in their villagers.

The Presidentís personal visit to the camp brought a smile to the faces of the people and said that they expect to go back to their homes as soon as possible. Officials also promised to resettle them by end of January 2010, as government expects to complete the resettlement programme.

Pix By: Sudath Silva