Working class stood by to defeat terrorism - President
By Rasika Somarathna
Dec 2, 2009
  • Understanding, trust cannot be bought
  • We have stepped boldly into an era of freedom
President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday asserted that Sri Lanka’s working class had firmly stood by the Government and supported its endeavour to defeat terrorism, despite various attempts to mislead them. The President attributed this support to a long-standing understanding and trust on both sides based on past support for working class struggles and their recognition of genuine attempts to provide them with enhanced rights, protection and welfare.

He added that this understanding and trust was something which could not be bought or one which could not be extracted through force but was given with genuine willingness out of trust and faith.

The President made these observations addressing State workers, Union Leaders, Politicians etc at the Labour Relations and Manpower Ministry following the ceremonial laying of the foundation stone for the construction of a new building complex ‘Mehevara Piyasa’ and to open the first Labour museum in Sri Lanka at the Department of Labour.

The Mehevara Piyasa, a 30 storeyed building to be constructed in Narahenpita at a cost of Rs 1.7 billion within three years, expects to bring all major social protection service providers in the country including the EPF and the ETF under one roof.

On the other hand the newly opened Labour Museum provides present and future generations with first-hand information on working class struggles in Sri Lanka and related history.

“I will always remember how the working people of our country offered me every support in our endeavour to defeat terrorism and I hope that the same kind of support would be lent to me to chart national development in the correct direction,” the President noted addressing the gathering.

He also said: “We fearlessly stood up to a brand of terrorism that the entire world believed was invincible. As a result we have been able to step boldly into an era of freedom. “On the other hand, even in the face of a global financial crisis, we have succeeded in safeguarding our resources and ensuring the prosperity of our people. Our working people have shown great fortitude through all this.” Labour Relations and Manpower Minister Athauda Seneviratne and Labour Minister Mervyn Silva along with other Cabinet Ministers and provincial politicians took part.

Also in attendance were Ministry officials, Government Department officers, Union Leaders, Central Bank officials and the public.

Courtesy: The Daily News