President faces EPDP demands
By Kelum Bandara
Dec 1, 2009
Devananda says political solution must go beyond 13th Amendment

The Douglas Devananda-led EPDP, a constituent party of the ruling UPFA, has laid down several conditions including a demand for a political solution and power devolution beyond the 13th Amendment, if it is to support President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the upcoming presidential election.

The EPDP has been with the SLFP-led alliances right throughout, and even at the 2005 presidential election, it campaigned for President Rajapaksa.

Party leader and Minister Douglas Devananda said he would forward his demands to the President today or tomorrow on various issues confronting the Tamil people and the need for a political solution, which went beyond the 13th Amendment was one such demand.

Meanwhile, PLOTE another northern based political party led by Dharmalingam Siththarthan -- said it would support the President’s candidature.

Mr. Siththarthan said even he had asked for a political solution and the Tamil people to be allowed to manage their own affairs without interference from the Centre.

“We are not interested in terminology such as federal. We want a political solution that will allow us to handle the sectors of development and education independently. The President has agreed to work out an acceptable solution,” Mr. Sidhdharthan said.

He said he had called for the speedy resettlement of displaced people still languishing in relief camps and welfare villages in Vavuniya.

The PLOTE does not have any parliamentary representation at present, but it is the main opposition party in the Vavuniya Urban Council having lost out to the TNA by 140 votes. The TNA won the Council at the election held in August, this year.

Courtesy: Daily Mirror