Sigiri Lalanavo to delight Washington audiences with “Ragavi Ragum II” on Nov 28
Nov 24, 2009,br>
If you watched “Ragavi Ragum” last year, you would remember the graceful, alluring young dancers, the Sigiri Lalanavo, who mesmerized the audience with their lithe movements, exotic costumes, and delicate blend of classical and modern dancing. Now, in its wake comes “Ragavi Ragum II,” as the Sigiri Lalanavo add another dimension to their professional dancing skills.

“Ragavi Ragum II” will be staged at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater at the Rockville Civic Center Park at 6.30 p.m. on Saturday, November 28, 2009.

The professionalism of the dancers and their taste for fantasy and shimmering color combine a recipe for another magical evening. The audience will be treated to unique combinations of dance and music, like modern ballet accompanied by string instruments, and traditional Kandyan dancing set to Sri Lankan modern age songs. The Lalanavo are proud of their creation of Bharatha Natyam and modern ballet, set to A.R. Rahman’s music from Slumdog Millionaire.

Devika Maduwantha has choreographed the show, while the other members of the group, Manoja and Nadika Wimalkantha, Tharanie Amarawardana, Shakila Balasooriya, Achala Malalasekera, Chanika Dampagedon and Aruni Wijesekera, will transport you to an unforgettable world of beautiful color and graceful movement.

Enjoy Ragavi Ragum II.