We have a very brave PM, but it's a shame to our country
Oct 9, 2009
Ref. to the Daily mirror news paper dated , 07 October 2009 that Our Hon. Prime minister Mr Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka who was in live radio interview this morning make an statement against US state secretary Mrs Hillary Clinton, that her statement of saying "women had been raped in war countries that were at war including Sri Lanka".

I am aware of this incident before and as a Sri Lankan I got a shock from her statement, and I called our Party President Mr.Nanda Ranasinghe and secretary Mr.Jayalath Chandrawansa in New York, to send a mail to her to correct this statement not to include our country for such allegations. In fact sometimes American soldiers are also getting this type of complains in their war territories as well.

But after seeing our PM's above interview in the paper we decided not to send any mails since our Prime Minister's statement to the Secretary of State is unacceptable and provocational. It is a more embarrassing situation rather than a defending ourselves.

Actually, this statement is totally unacceptable and should not be used by any high profile Government Representative such as PM. Nobody cannot repeatedly tarnish anybodies image and it is not the way to handle things diplomatically. Monica Lewinsky case is gone to the history and Bill Clinton already got his punishment for his error. That incident cannot connect to this issue as it came from the Secretary of State not as a person, such as Hilary Clinton. Also when this woman contested for the US Presidential nomination, no one American talk this tropic as it's considered as a family matter & been solved and settled in the past. In fact the allegation of Monica Lewinsky was against Bill Clinton not against Hilary Clinton. So, nobody wanted to mention this while the campaign was going on.

Therefore before making immature statements like small child, our Prime Minister must think about his position in the country and our long term relationship with the United State. Our Prime minister who served as a cabinet member at the era of Mrs. Bandaranayke who had kept excellent foreign policies with the world leaders and countries, must behave as a matured person in the country & be more diplomatic in releasing statements to the world.

Even though, I cannot see our PM denied her allegations against our soldiers instead he tarnished her image yelling other things. We as Sri Lankans embarrassed in this situation.

The whole world praised our Presidents and our brave soldiers' great victory against Tamil Tigers. But Tamil Tigers activities still going on around the world and this incident also sometime may be one of their clever steps, which cannot understand by our authorities. Today we are fighting with America and tomorrow may be with another country. We are an independent country and have our visions and missions as most of the countries and also have working, well educated and active people over there can solve these problems in a more diplomatic level without hurting anybody.

Having said all these, we cannot forget that, the American government is the first country who banded Tamil Tiger Organization in the world and taken many steps to stop their activities in their country. Also we cannot forget how much they helped and currently helping to our country. Also not only America, lot of world leading countries came and help when we are in trouble. They all gave us helping hands. Specially, Bill Clinton personally visited to our country during the tsunami time and helped our people. May be our PM doesn't no known about this.

Therefore as a high profile responsible person in our country , we cannot agree our PMs such statement even though Hillary is also wrong. This type of stories going around our villages when people are fighting each other, but not fighting with the state leaders. I don't know what type of Buddhist leader our PM who is picking family matters like this. It is a disgrace to the religion that he observes as well.

While expressing displeasure on PM's statement, we feel that he is "just biting the hand that gave him help", since we take Hilary Clinton's statement as a statement from Secretary of State not as a statement from Hilary Clinton as a person. And also to the American people, we would like to apologize for the statement of PM and we need to tell you that it is not for the "People of Sri Lanka".

People who are asking, "Did our PM has secret agenda of becoming the president of our country by putting our President in trouble?"

Sarath Rambukwella,
Vice President,
Sri Lanka Freedom Party ( New York Branch)
Tel: 914 380 2339, 914 740 3610.