Nalandians to offer scholaships to ranaviru kids
May 23, 2009
In 2008 Nalanda College Old Boys Association of America (NCOBAA) in association with Seva Vanitha Army Branch in Sri Lanka launched Ranaviru Kids Fund in USA to offer financial assistance for the education of needy children of disabled or deceased Armed Forces Veterans. A committee of Seva Vanitha Army Branch selects the most deserving eligible children.

Last year we offered sixty (60) scholarships and this year we are planning to offer more scholarships.

There are two types of scholarship programs; Junior Scholarship (Year 1-5) - $90.00 per year and Senior Scholarship (Year 6-14) $120.00 per year. You can select the type of scholarship and can name your scholarship under your loved ones; Parents, sister, brother, son, daughter or Friend. Commitments of Sponsorship are needed for minimum of TWO years; however you can start the process with one year contribution.

The funds collected, are sent directly to Seva Vanitha Army Branch, where it will be deposited to individual child's Bank Account. We will provide you with Child's Name, Parents information, Address, Name of School, Bank and Account number. You would be able to write to them, visit them when you visit Sri Lanka and see what a progress / difference you bring to this child's world.

These Children neither created nor supported any wars; however they have become destitute of war. They need your compassion and support to enhance their knowledge and make them better citizens. Nalandians appeal to everyone to help this effort to help veteran families in Sri Lanka.

For more information or to pledge a sponsorship, please contact

Asoka Sellahewa - President NCOBAA, Email:, Tel: (562) 314 4195