Washington Buddhist Vihara celebrated Vesak
May 7, 2009

Washington Buddhist Vihara, the first Buddhist Temple in the U.S.A. celebrated Vesak on May 3rd 2009. Vesak Day celebrations were held to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and his passing away of the Lord of Buddha.

A large number of devotees, Sri Lankan, American, Bangladeshi and other nationalities joined the Dana, Sila (observance of the eight precepts) and meditation programs that were held throughout the day. The Dhamma talks were conducted by Ven. M. Dhammasiri Nayaka Thera, Ven. W. Dhammasiri, Ven. K.Vansananda, Dean C. Ocampo and S. Rafael. The guided meditation session was conducted by Ven.K.Vidura and the chanting of the Dhamma Chakka Pavatthana Sutta by Ven.N.Soratha.

In addition to the Sila program, there was Buddha pooja and Bakthi Geetha (devotional songs) presented by the Sunday school students.

The highlight of the celebrations the lighting of the large colorful Vesak Lantern made by Ven.N.Soratha.