Innovative Approach to Improve Children's Healthcare in Sri Lanka in Need of Support
Mar 17, 2009
World Children's Initiative, a not-for-profit organization, is currently constructing an innovative new children's hospital in southern Sri Lanka. Located on the outskirts of Matara, the hospital, once completed, promises to significantly better healthcare prospects for children in the surrounding areas.

WCI, started by a Sinhalese-American doctor, a Tamilian-American lawyer, and a South Indian-American doctor in the wake of the Asian Tsunami, approaches healthcare development differently than other NGO's, says one of the founders, Dr. Kanishka Ratnayaka. "We saw all the audits, consultant fees, and innovation occurring in wealthy U.S. hospitals, and asked ourselves why hospitals in the developing world couldn't also use and benefit from the learning and innovation that these wealthy institutions gathered."

The new hospital, currently half-way completed, features an architectural design and internal care units based on the cutting-edge research conducted at leading international children's hospitals.

"We build the hospital for the same price as anyone else, but we are able to provide twice the value because we borrowed and leveraged best practices from elsewhere," explains co-founder Pratheepan Gulasekaram.

The project received its seed funding for this new approach to international healthcare development from former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush. However, even humanitarian endeavors are not immune from the global economic situation.

"We are still seeking funding to complete this project," says WCI's other co-founder, Dr. Sanjay Daluvoy, "but, we're confident that like-minded individuals or corporations that want to name the hospital, a ward, or even a bed will help us aid the children of Sri Lanka. We need a little help to complete this children's hospital and start delivering care by the 5 year anniversary of the 2004 tsunami."

WCI has currently raised nearly $1 million (US) which has gone directly toward project completion. Any inquiries regarding their progress or donations to the cause can be directed to WCI's website - and WCI's executive team can be reached by email (