Stop this Overzealous GMOA Madness in Sri Lanka
Mahi Jayas, PhD, USA
Nov 28, 2008
Dear editors,

This unnecessary behavior of GMOA and the problem of healthcare service personals can be resolved by simple means as I have outlined below.

I have no means to write in Sinhala and we are all living abroad watching one fraction of services rendered by the Sri Lankan tax payers’ money to healthcare and how these doctors with govt paid salaries amass wealth sucking arms and legs of innocent patients in Sri Lanka.

We have to understand the healthcare is a service like any other service that is financed by the economic success of the industries, agriculture, trade and other development. This is a menace talking about doctors too much and wasting time just because the GMOA wanted to show they are unique. Every service is unique and trained to have specific skills needed for the job that includes any where from garbage collectors to justice to healthcare to media to security and so on. The doctors are needed by a small portion of any population when they are sick or injured during which the patient become nonproductive. If this issue is to be resolved it has to be only by the GMOA that sends Sinhala doctors who got lesser marks to these troubled Tamil dominated areas.

From the past actions of GMOA it is very evident that the GMOA is an organization that never had their brains in the right place when it comes to common sense. The answer to this doctors’ service in troubled areas and problem that the GMOA only has created is very simple to solve. The GMOA should arrange the Tamil students who come from these areas to med schools to go back after their bachelors’ degrees and serve their localities for a few years no matter what. This is nonsense wasting time about this GMOA drama. Obviously, the Govt should help protect the Sinhala and other students who go to universities and colleges in these areas because they are the future of any country. Also,, the Govt should protect the backbone of its economy by protecting those who are engaged in development, industry, agriculture, trade and other sectors that support the growth of Sri Lanka like what is happening in all parts of the world instead of too much time wasting on doctors.

Please spend your time to development sector more so than these services that just eat the money within the government and the grants and loans from IMF, World Bank, ADB and other donors. I appreciate if you could inform wisely to the Sri Lankan public where our priorities are and the eagerness to have a vibrant economy and development like many other thriving nations in Asia. Thank you.