JICA help for tsunami displaced victims

Mar 17 (IL) Japan International Corporations Agency (JICA) will dispatch a group of 19 Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) who will carry out activities in support of those displaced by the tsunami disaster.

The main aim of the activity is to ease the psychological pressure of persons affected by the tsunami. The target group will include both children and adults of all age groups in Matara and the surrounding areas and in refugee camps and accommodation sites where displaced persons currently reside. This would be carried out for a period of four weeks in March and April.

Soon after the tsunami disaster took place, JOCV members attached to various host institutions in Sri Lanka mobilized themselves and worked amongst tsunami-affected communities in various parts of the country. The activities carried out by them ranged from clearing debris and providing packages of essential consumables, to organizing sports activities, games, music programmes and various recreational activities involving children, youth and adults.

Some of the other activities JOCV will carry out would include sports (including volleyball and football), music, paper-craft, sewing and various recreational activities. The group will work in collaboration with the Green Movement.

JICA is a Japanese government agency who have been working in Sri Lanka over the recent years on technical as well as grant aid projects. Among the aid work done during the tsunami disaster the Japanese Government dispatched a disaster relief medical team (JDR Medical Team) through JICA to operate an emergency medical clinic in Sainthamruthu situated in the Ampara District.

Furthermore, the Government of Japan provided US$ 80 million worth Non-Project Grant Aid in order to support relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities in the tsunami-affected areas. From January 17 to February 9, JICA dispatched a Tsunami Disaster Needs Assessment Mission, comprising 16 members, to carry out an overall assessment on urgent requirements in the tsunami affected areas