Matchmaker says UPFA marriage won't break

Feb 16 (IL) Minister Mangala Samarweera who played a key role in bringing about the United People's Freedom Alliance between the SLFP and JVP vowed yesterday that no power group would be allowed to topple the UPFA government until it had fulfilled its historic responsibility.

In a statement issued amidst continuing reports of a major split between the SLFP and the JVP Mr.Samaraweera said: "It is crystal clear that the UPFA formed last year between the SLFP and the JVP is the most progressive political alliance in Sri Lanka.

"The alliance was formed during the period that the UNP administration was sacrificing the country's sovereignty by creating a division in the country regardless of the President who was the head of state and government. The economy was in the hands of capitalist foreign businessmen and the state sector had little hand in it.

"No power group can topple the UPFA until its historic responsibility is executed. Nobody other than the progressive people who put it in power with dedication can topple the UPFA. Hence we call upon the people to rally round the UPFA with courage and dedication to march in the progressive path."