JVP relief to uncleared areas sent back

Jan 18 (IL) Relief items taken to uncleared area in Trincomalee district was taken back by the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna as the LTTE did not permit them to be distributed in the area.

It was reported that the tsunami affected people in Eechchlampattuwa area had informed the JVP volunteer relief force members that they were not given any food for several days by the LTTE or any other organisation, the Daily Mirror reported today.

They had also informed that there was a massive dearth of cloth, sanitary facilities and medicines and water and food.

Members of the volunteer relief force who returned after completing the clearance and rehabilitation work in the area had taken relief items including clothes, dry rations and other food items, medicine and other items especially for the children to Eechchlampattuwa yesterday.

However, the LTTE cadres who came there had obstructed the distribution of these relief items and therefore the JVP members had returned with 500 sarongs, 500 sarees, milk powder , mosquito nets and coils and drugs.