Pressure CBK, TNA urges Norwegian

Nov 12 (IL) The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has urged the Norwegian facilitators to put pressure on President Chandrika Kumaratunga into resuming peace talks with the LTTE immediately.

During a meeting with Special Envoy Erik Solheim and Norwegian Ambassador Hans Brattskar the Alliance complained that Ms. Kumaratunga was not giving the necessary attention needed for the national issue but was instead concentrating more on other issues such as the Presidential election and/or referendum, which would benefit her personally.

TNA member Joseph Pararajasingham said that the meeting with Mr. Solheim was 'yet another routine meeting' but the Alliance stressed the need for peace talks to resume immediately, while also emphasizing that the talks should be based on the Interim Self Governing Authority proposals.

The TNA charged that the President was not consistent in her policies but had her own personal agenda.

"She is not giving the necessary attention to the national issue, but is concentrating more on the referendum, the Presidential election and changing of the Constitution, all for her own benefit," the TNA had told the Norwegians.

The TNA pointed out that due to this situation the Tamils have lost hope.

"The Norwegians and the international community must put pressure on the President to start peace talks soon," Mr. Pararajasingham said.