JVP accuses govt. of appeasing LTTE

Oct 23 (IL) Several senior JVP members including Parliamentarians have criticized the UPFA government over its handling the issue relating to the abduction of two home guards.

"Though the government did not openly mediate in getting the ten LTTE cadres released, the unofficial swap of the ten cadres for the two home guards is a typical UNP style of approach," a JVP leader has said.

JVP top-rungers had pointed out during UPFA meetings that the LTTE got whatever it wanted during the Ranil Wickremesinghe administration.

"This was why the people wanted a change and elected the UPFA to office, but if the present government continues to follow the UNP style of appeasing the LTTE, we will lose heavily at future elections," a JVP source said.

Last Thursday ten LTTE cadres were released on bail by the Batticaloa Magistrate and the two homeguards who were in Tiger custody were released two days later. Earlier the LTTE leadership had informed the SLMM that the LTTE would not free the two homeguards unless its 10 cadres were released