LTTE not fighting for Tamil cause, charges JVP

Oct 23 (IL) The JVP yesterday alleged that the LTTE was not an organisation fighting for the rights of the Tamils but a group that drinks the blood of the Tamil people and other communities.

"This is evident with the recent killings of TNA member Kingsley Rasanayagam and two Muslim civilians from Welikanda," the party said in a statement.

Hitting out at the LTTE Political Wing Leader S.P. Tamilselvan's European tour, the JVP said even though he went on blabbering on to all European leaders about fighting for the democratic rights of the Tamil people, the Tamils were killed by the very organisation which claimed to be fighting for their right.

"Lets all join forces and come forward and put an end to the killings and abductions carried out by the Wanni LTTE cadres. We call upon all democratic political forces to join and fight against these inhuman slayings," the statement said