Shed petty differences and reunite for the sake of Ashraff, Muslim party tells SLMC

Sep 17 (IL) The Ashraff Congress yesterday called upon all factions of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) to work out a plan and reunite the party, as this is the best respect the SLMCers and the Muslim community on the whole can pay to the party's founder leader M.H.M. Ashraff, who's fourth death anniversary falls today.

"The late leader founded the SLMC to emancipate the Muslims from political bondage with the main objective of ensuring the rights and the security of the North East Muslims in particular and all other Muslims in general," Ashraff Congress leader S. Subairdeen said in a statement.

"After the demise of Mr. Ashraff, due to the short sightedness of the present leadership the party split into several factions.

This has undoubtedly weakened the political power of the Muslims and led to the present chaotic and pathetic situation of the SLMC," the statement said