Shot in the arm for North East fishing

July 15 (IL) The ailing fisheries sector of the north and east of Sri Lanka is likely to receive a shot in the arm this week, when international experts meet in Colombo to discuss ways to rehabilitate the industry with an anticipated infusion of US$ 26 million over the next three years,

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) will make a joint presentation of proposals today, to rehabilitate the region's fisheries sector, which will contribute significantly to the regional and national economies.

Among these proposals are projects focusing on the provision of immediate assistance to fishing communities in restoring a sustainable livelihood. A number of projects also focus on reassessment of marine resources and their production potential. Proposals will also deal with the rehabilitation of fisheries infrastructure on a priority basis with a view to making the sector more productive for fishermen.

The rehabilitation of the north and east fisheries sector will contribute significantly towards consolidating the foundations of peace and development of the region. It is therefore hoped that donors and political authorities will strongly support these proposals as part of the global effort to create the conditions for long lasting peace in the country