Devananda condemns journalist's murder

June 4 (IL) Eelam Peoples DEmocratic Party (EPDP) Secretary General and Minister K.N.Douglas Devananda in a statement said that it was very painful to see the lives of Tamils with alternate views and democrats being taken away by the brutal culture of murders committed by “unknown persons” . While strongly condemning the killing of I.G.Nadesan the journalist who was killed in Batticaloa.

He further added," Every man has a right to live his life to the fullest. Whatever the reason may be it is brutal to take away the life of a person. But the Tamil political arena, without realizing this is justifying these killings by giving lame political excuses. This has now grown to the level of taking the lives of our Tamil scholars and journalists. Therefore each and every one should bravely come forward and cooperate to end these atrocities and put a stop to the culture of shooting down innocent people by “unknown gunmen” in a democratic set up. Only then will each one of us be able to lead a safe and secure life. This will be the true respect that we could pay to the persons who have lost their lives to this culture of Tamils killing Tamils in our country