CWC to contest Provincial Council polls under UNP?

May 21 (IL) The powerful estate sector party, Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) has begun discussions with the Opposition United National Party (UNP) in their bid to seal an agreement so that they could contest under the UNP banner at the forthcoming Provincial Council polls.

But CWC MP R. Yogarajan said that ‘nothing has been finalized as yet.’ He indicated that it was very likely that the CWC would take an official decision within the next two days. The CWC hierarchy was also expected to meet yesterday night where matters pertaining to the possible CWC-UNP agreement were to be discussed extensively.

When queried whether there was a possibility of the CWC initiating discussions with the United Peoples Freedom Alliance Government so that they could contest under the Alliance banner at the polls, Mr. Yogarajan said a firm ‘NO’.

The CWC early this week said that it was ‘impossible to work with the Alliance’ due to President Kumaratunga’s decision to change the Constitution and electoral system which would endanger minority representation. The party said that they were more interested in safeguarding their people’s rights, rather than getting a few basic concessions and Ministerial portfolios.

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress decided to contest the Provincial Council lections alone except in the Badulla and Kandy districts. SLMC Secretary General M.T. Hasan Ali said that if the CWC also decides to contest under the UNP at the polls, then they too would contest these two districts under the UNP banner.